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Set pay-per-link price tags (up to 0.99$/€)

Monetize Your Videos!

☆  Simply add the The Premiuum Network Global Plugin to activate new "pay as you go" revenue - per link (or embedded YouTube video).

✓ Premiuum does not conflict with existing paywalls or online advertising frameworks.

✓ Now available in over 40 languages!



Vs. Premiuum

Monetize the Masses

Only 1% of your traffic will pay a recurring subscription fee for unlimited access to your "premium" content -- probably less than 1%, if you are an independent publisher or blogger.

99% prefer "pay as they go" premium content.


   • pay-per-article (0.50)

   • pay-per-view / video (0.75)

   • pay-per-podcast / audio (0.75)

   • pay-per-download / file (0.40)

   • pay-per-PREMIER / newer than 1 week (0.99)

   • pay-per-ARCHIVE / older than 3 months (0.99)

   • pay-per-poem (0.60)

   • pay-to-leave-a-comment / donation (0.10)

   • pay-to-contact / premium support (0.88)

   • pay-per-reference / link to 3rd-party (0.99)


☆ Add The Premiuum Network Global Plugin to capture the masses of lost customers.

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WIX makes it very easy to add Premiuum, Revenue per Link content monetization to your WIX-powered website -- just one click to install and activate.

Install & Activate Premiuum for WIX now.


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WordPress makes it easy to add Premiuum, Revenue per Link content monetization to your WordPress-powered website -- just download and install to activate.

Download & Install Premiuum for WordPress now.

Universal Javascript Plugin

Register a Premiuum account, then simply copy and paste your Premiuum universal Javascript plugin into the <HEAD> of any webpage, to instantly enable Revenue per Link content monetization across your website!

Register & install Premiuum on any website now.


Simple Pricing:

✓ Set-Up Fee: 0.00

✓ Monthly Fee: 0.00

✓ Simple Processing Fee: 10%

✓ Instant account activation.

(No PayPal/Stripe account is needed.)

✓ Your visitors / customers pay via MasterCard®/VISA®

✓ Built-In Fraud Controls (0 Chargeback Fees)

✓ Daily payouts - directly to your bank account (via SEPA/SWIFT) - worldwide.

✓ Now available in over 40 languages.

We also strive to offer superior technical support:



(Your Content Library)



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"Is it easy to partner with , and join ?"

YES! It is very easy! Anyone can do it! Did you watch the Partner Promo Video (seen directly above this FAQ section)? Check it out if you haven't seen it yet!

"Who can join ?"

Anyone who operates a blog or website can join .

"May I cancel my account any time?"

Yes. Your membership at may be cancelled at any time without any penalty or cost.

"How much does it cost to join ?"

Account registration / activation is free. There are no monthly or hidden fees. And you keep a 90% revenue !

"Who owns my content?"

You own your content. simply provides the "LOCK & KEY" mechanisms for you to manage the monetization of your links! #KnowledgeIsValuable

"Can I keep my existing banner ads?"

Absolutely! Keep your existing banner ads, and simply add links to generate additional revenue from your premium content!

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